Sleep Studies

Evaluate your Sleep — Take a Quiz!

Read the Statements below. If you answer Yes too or more, you may benefit from a Sleep Disorders consult with us.

1. I feel sleepy during the day, even when get a good night's Sleep. Y N
2. I get very Irritable when I can't sleep. Y N
3.I often wake up at night and have trouble falling back to sleep, Y N
4. It usually takes me a long time to fall asleep. Y N
5. I often wake up very early and can't fall back to sleep. Y N
6. I usually feel achy and still when I Y wake up in the morning. Y N
7. I often seem to wake up because of dreams Y N
8. I sometimes wake up gasping for y breath. Y N
9. My bed partner says my snoring keeps her Him from sleeping. Y N
10 I've fallen asleep driving. Y N

Experts in Sleep Disorders

We have extensiveexperience in treating both adultsand adolescent patients. During the initial Consult with a Experienced Board Certified Sleep Physician. you will discuss the physical and emotional factors that could be affecting your sleep. It will help decide whether asleep study will be needed

Pinnacle Sleep & Wake Disorders Center

At Eden Medical Center Bullding

Latest Technology & Home-like Atmosphere

Pinnacle Sleep & %Cake Disorders Center is dedicated solely to the study and cure of sleep disorders. We stress your needs and con:ems, which means prompt scheduling of appointments. comfortable atmosphere during studies, and prompt evaluation and delivery of your results


You are welcome to take a tour of the faclity and see our master bedroom suites where the sleep studies are conducted.

Queen Bed Room Suite

You will find that our suites arc comfortable and private - much more like a guest room than a typical hospital room.

All Bed Rooms offer Queen Size bed, cable t.v., bathroom and shower Facilities.Refrigerator and microwave oven is available. All of these amenities are part of our overall patient-oriented environment, designed to reduce the stress so often associated with medical tests.

Queen Bed Room Suite

You can get more educational information about Sleep Disorders, Treatments, and our Center on the website.

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